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If you are building a new home or upgrading to a new more efficient heating and cooling system for your office or home, Choosing a new air conditioner is not an easy process. Canada Technical Spot Service Private offers systems that have the capacity, efficiency and price that will fulfill your needs. We will assist you in choosing the perfect AC for your home. the number of rooms in need of cooling, the average temperature in the summer, and much more. After all, practically nothing is more important than your comfort and the quality of Air that you want.


Its so easy to just dump all your dirty linen for a quick wash in your front load or top load washing machine, isn't it? But what if one fine morning, the washing machine starts giving problems? Don't get late for work just because of it! Instead, get our experienced home service specialists to come over anywhere in Delhi  to fix your washing machine. Our agents service or repair any brand, at anytime! So book a service today.


Your fridge stores your family's fresh food to preserve it. Your fridge also stocks all your main ingredients to keep them fresh longer. If the fridge conks, how will you keep all your food safe while preserving its natural quality? Fortunately, our repair experts can come over to service or repair any brand of single or double-door fridge. All you need to do, to save your fridge, is book a service anywhere in Jamshedpur. After a thorough assessment of the problem, our certified technicians will give you the various solutions that are best suited to save or repair your fridge.

Your microwave or microwave-oven helps reheat food or cook fresh food. But what if the microwave starts showing signs of problems suddenly? What will you do? Instead of worrying about it, get the home service specialists to help! Book a door-step repair service so our expert technicians can fix whatever is wrong with your precious (and expensive) microwave. We believe everything broken can be fixed. Avail of our services anywhere in Jamshedpur and save your microwave!

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